Nursery school has the most fantastic outdoor play area which encourages free play and really suits my active and outdoor loving child. The teachers are fantastic and mat times are a real highlight in my child's day at Nursery School - the stories, games and activities mean he seldom wants to leave end of day mat time to go home.

Nursery School has been a big part of our lives for the past 7 years . We currently have our 3rd child attending. We love that our children have all had such fantastic, consistent teachers (many of whom have taught all 3) . If you asked my children their favourite thing about Nursery School it would be the outdoor space for biking and playing, and the zoom slide

We love nursery school. After our initial visit to see what it was like, we had no doubt we had found the right one for us. She's now 3 and a half and has been thriving in the nursery school environment. My daughter has become so outgoing and confident since starting.
She is given the guidance to explore and try new things during her time there and always comes home happy, proudly telling us about her day. All the teachers are favourites - very approachable, friendly, caring and knowledgeable.
Honestly, we couldn't ask for better, we are so pleased with our choice.

We have recently moved our son to RNS and the change we have seen in him is amazing! He is so much more confident here and all due to the amazing teachers! We love how there are so many things to explore here and so much room to play, benji loves his days at RNS!

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